redix is a hashtable service with multiple storage engines as backend.

redix uses RESP protocol (Redis serialization protocol), you can learn more about it from here, you can learn more about redis from here.

redix won't implement all redis features, but the core generic features (the basic flat key-value model) that enables anyone to implement redis like features.

redix server tries to use all available cores, so it can provide the maximum machine utilization as possible as it can to give you the best performance.

Why Redix?

redis, is an in-memory data store, it is perfect as well, forces you to map everything to key - value which sometimes simplifies the thinking regarding the job you're doing, by the time, redis is abused by us due to that simplicity then we started to face new issues especially the memory and the single-threaded model.

How could we store data on disk (read/write from/to disk)? How could we utilize the existing storage solutions but with simple redis interface? for sure there are many questions out there, most of them aren't in redis scope.

That is why I created redix, which exposes redis-like interface but the datasource is different which could be anything (for now it is postgresql and filesystem).