1)- Binary installation

  1. Goto the releases page.
  2. Select the release the matches your OS (Linux or Mac).
  3. Extract the binary file from the downloaded archive.
  4. Rename the extracted binary file as redix and copy/move it to your /usr/local/bin or any folder included in your $PATH env-var.

2)- Docker

  1. docker pull


assuming you followed the corresponding installation instructions above, and created a configurations file called redix.hcl in the current working directory containing the configurations content found here and edited to match your preferences, for more info about configurations click here.

1)- Binary

assuming that you have a postgresql server running on the local machine contains a database called redix.

$ redix ./redix.hcl

2)- Docker

assuming that you have a postgresql container named redixdb having a database called redix, and the engine part configurations in redix.hcl as follows:

engine "postgresql" {
     dsn = "postgresql://postgres@redixdb/redix"
docker run -v $(pwd)/redix.hcl:/etc/redix/redix.hcl --link redixdb -p 6380:6380


you can connect to redix using any redis client/library, here we will use the redis-cli command:

redis-cli -p 6380